Want is a natural instinct hence we all have things we want in life but the question is are we doing everything in our power to get them?

Before we answer that question, we need to assess and evaluate whether you REALLY want that thing in the first place. Although it could very well be a task, a thing or even a person that we want, but for our convenience, we will call that want a task or a thing hereon.

A few points that will help ease the process and help you decide if you’re on the right track.


Factor#1 – You can’t stop thinking about it

Despite many efforts, if you are finding it difficult to forget about it, you most probably won’t. And if you can’t stop thinking about it then I suggest you better start working towards getting it.


Factor #2 – It fits somewhere in your list of priorities in life

Make a list of preferences in your life. Your family, your career or education, your future plan, your passion(s), and even the food you will eat that day. See if it fits in one of those categories and if it does you should be certain that it is here to stay.


Factor #3 – It brings you joy and happiness

Notice if doing that task or even just planning it out gives you immense energy, happiness, and pleasure. If you feel good planning it, then just go ahead and do it.

As long as you’re not doing anything you hate, be certain that you’re moving in the right direction.


Factor #4 – It passes “The Passion, The Aim and The Purpose” trilogy test

The task that you want to take up should pass and fit in one of the three categories.

It should fit in the category of being your passion which means you should be passionately in love with this task.

Or it should fall in the category of leading you towards your aim, that is somewhere you would like to see yourself in the near future.

Or you should feel that this task is the purpose for which you were sent to this world.

Talk to someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy

Deciding to pursue a particular path can be a daunting task if you don’t have any sort of help. Talk to someone preferably from the same line of work and who you can trust with helping and guiding you properly.


Now you have sorted out and deciphered that the task, in question, is indeed what you dearly want and are willing to work hard to get. Let’s list a few ways in which achieving what you want gets tad bit easy.


Solution#1 – Get out of that pretty little box of yours

Your comfort zone and that little box where you have hidden ample amount of talent are sometimes your worst enemy. They can get in the way of achieving what you truly want by merely restraining you and your mental abilities to think outside that box.

As a checklist, keep away from thoughts like:

  • what will everyone say OR they will laugh at / make fun of me
  • I’m not good enough for this
  • my family will not approve
  • I don’t have enough time in the day to pursue it.

If you (and we have already determined that you do) REALLY want this, you will have to shut down all these negative thoughts. Get out of that nifty little box you have kept yourself in and do what truly makes YOU happy.


Solution #2 – Don’t use anyone to get what you want, work hard and get it yourself

If you know you have a shortcoming, stop asking others to do your job ( or that part of the job you’re having trouble with). I usually needed assistance with techy stuff but once I realized my disability, I was willing to invest my time and energy into learning about it.

I have come a long way since I first started and have majorly overcome my fear of computer related work. It would be hard work but would be worth it all when you would need a minimum-to-no assistance from anyone.


Solution #3 – Stop apologizing and learn to forgive yourself

We all make mistakes and sometimes people’s response to those mistakes is too hard for us to take.

In the line of getting what you want, there will be times when you will face criticism and forget your worth. This can leave you feeling dejected, bruised and bring you to a whole new level of low.

Don’t let these feelings sink low in your system. Learn to forgive yourself and others. This will help you move on from the crap and focus towards achieving your goal.


The Two Ps of Persistence and Perseverance

Getting what you really want will require you to work hard for days, months or even years before you see your efforts bearing any fruit.

Be persistent, consistent and patient. Focus on the happiness and pleasure you will feel in the moment when it will bear fruit and all your efforts will be worth every sweat and tear you shed being on your mission.



Solution #4 – Stop procrastinating and Just Do It

It has been noted through personal experience that every time a thought or idea has been given more than its fair share of ” Thought Time “, it has already hit rock bottom way before things start churning into action.

Once you have determined how important it is in your life to take up a particular task, don’t delay moving forward with the idea.

The more you procrastinate and sit on it, the fewer chances of it ever soaring to new heights.


It is imperative to determine whether an idea or thought that has sprung ( or has been springing ) in your mind is worth moving forward with. If it makes the cut to being in your priority list, you are unable to get its thought of your head, and it gives you happiness and pleasure pursuing it, then you should be pretty certain that it is most likely staying for good.

And although it may require hard work in the beginning; if you maintain an outside-the-box thinking, depend on yourself alone, and show perseverance and persistence, that mere idea in your head can one day achieve heights beyond your wildest imagination.


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