Is sugar ruining my health? Unfortunately, this question is asked more often than is implemented upon. The answer is a BIG YES! We blatantly feed food loaded with sugar to our kids, spouses, folks, friends and most importantly, our own precious little selves. And although sugar is found in the stem of sugarcane and roots of sugar beet naturally, it is turned bad during its refining process.

While there are numerous reasons why sugar is extremely dangerous for you, there is always solution to any problem if we are willing to put work into it. Hence, let’s throw our hats in the ring and see what the foremost important things to do are.

Want to call it quits?! Here’s what you can try..

Undoubtedly sugar is a killer substance that leads to multiple health problems as claimed in this report. But as crucial as quitting the ‘White Poison’ is, we also realize that it is excruciatingly painful to quit this nasty habit.

1. Muster the courage and polish your will-power skills

The most significant thing to to get you through the initial (bad) patch of realizing how absolute deadly sugar consumption is for you and your family, is assembling courage and will-power to quit it. When these two are put in perspective the road to a happy ending will be a sweet one (pun intended!).

2 . Ease into it

Now that you have mustered the courage and gathered all the necessary tools for polishing your will-power after making the decision to ‘call it quits’, the next wise thing to do is to refrain from hurrying into things or going to extreme measures. Instead, gradually ease your mind and body into it. Cold-Turkeying on sugar usually has serious withdrawal symptoms as mentioned in this report where sugar is compared to cocaine. It doesn’t end well and any unpleasant ending might result in the never-try-again attitude.

3. Include micro-nutrients to your diet


Dr. Joel Fuhrman advises to quit sugar today to gain a slim-to-none chance of a heart attack. He says to integrate steamed / raw vegetable, beans, raw nuts and fruits in your daily diet in order to provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs.

4. Adapt healthy habits for long-term

Before you almost quit the idea of quitting sugar, let me assure you it’s not as difficult as it looks. Once you’re in the mental zone of Let’s-Quit-Sugar-For-Real, and have a plan sorted out, the rest starts falling into place. As long as you are eating a balanced breakfast, sticking to healthy snacks during the day and not ignoring the importance of a good night’s sleep, you’re solid! Also try these 7 foods to help ease the process of quitting for you, (some are actually sweet, but not BAD sweet).

We may get antsy, jumpy, or plain simple lazy at the thought of quitting sugar, but the need to quit it is now more than ever. Therefore, sit back, relax, and follow these simple strategies to get maximum benefit (and long-term results) out of your sugar-quitting journey. Are there any other techniques or hacks you tried for quitting sugar, let us know in the comments below.


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