Although living in a big house in Austin, Clara and Matt loved everything about moving to a small, cozy apartment in New York with their two girls.

Well, almost everything.

“I loved the schools, neighborhood, the fact that I could walk to work.” But Clara knew something was missing.

“I have always provided the very best of everything to my family, and the food is no exception. Before moving to NY, I had my goals set as a parent to provide a home-grown, organic, and nutritious diet for my family.”

But that was harder than it seemed.

And although Mat is a countryman himself and had extensive experience growing fruits and vegetables with his granddad on his farm, it wasn’t easy assigning a spot for their organic space considering the tiny size of the apartment.

The only available and somewhat free-er space was their front terrace. They decided to convert it into a tiny garden with home-grown vegetables that would flourish in the climate.

“The odds were not in our favor, but we knew we had to give it a try for the sake of our family’s health.”

So the next thing they understandably did was perusing Google search for ideas. But guess what?

They didn’t find much useful information pertaining to their particular situation.

“That’s when we decided to dive in on this experiment on our own and record our developments to benefit others in similar circumstances”, says Matt.


Vegetables They Grew

Below is a list of vegetables they successfully home-grew from their terrace and how you can do the same.


This vegetable is easy to home-grow as it can flourish even in small-sized plastic or wooden planter pots.

Its seeds can be spread at the top level of a container while making sure you water them religiously. That alone helps in keeping the soil moist and result in an effective growth.


Carrots are another excellent option for homegrown vegetables. Just like radishes, the carrot can also be grown in planter boxes or small containers. They have different varieties such as short and sweet, little fingers, Thumbelina etc.

You are more likely to grow healthier plants if you religiously water them. Choosing spacious planter pots or containers helps ensure your plants grow longer.



Just like their form, the uses of onions are manifold. Be it a yummy salad or to spice up a dish, onions are many cooks’ top go-to vegetable for an instant flavor boost. They are scrumptious to eat and are a great product for home produce.

Onions, especially green onions are small in size and are known to grow well in small containers which can easily fit on your terrace. All you require is a planter pot or container, which is about 6 inches deep. Before you know, you will have a sizeable supply of onions easily grown at home.


It is always fun to grow potatoes in a planter pot as they are probably one of the easiest planter vegetables to grow. In a 12 inches deep container, you can easily plant three to four potatoes.

Since potatoes need plenty water, plastic planter pots are highly recommended. Make sure to water them sufficiently, in order for your potato plants to grow healthy and start to produce soon. Also, ensure their stems are fully covered with soil and watch them flourish within a couple of months.


Beetroot juice is one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and what better way than to enjoy home-grown beets of your own. Fortunately, beet can grow well in small spaces, thanks to its tiny size.

However, if you wish to have the best results, choose the premium quality agricultural plant growth promoters. Buy a planter pot that is at least 12 inches in depth, so that the beets can grow comfortably. You can grow about six different beet plants in this space.


Summer Vegetables

The couple experienced that many cold-loving veggies, like broccoli, kale, mesclun mix, Brussels sprouts, parsley, chives, and root vegetables including radishes, Swiss chard, and carrots along with an assortment of salad greens including leaf lettuces, mache, arugula, mustard, and spinach taste better when exposed to cooler temperatures.

But that didn’t stop them from growing vegetables in summers. They recorded that the following vegetables flourished more in hotter weather and are perfect for summer vegetation.



Elephants may hate the smell of chilies, but we love this petite vegetable. The best part, we can fit it in any size planter pots but need to make sure the weather is warm enough before putting them outside.

Water the chilies sufficiently as it works great in growing chilies. Before transplanting, water adequately so that the soil of the container does not fall apart while they are removed from the planter pot. Be careful when removing the seeds from the container.


With capsicum prices hitting the roof, it’s time to look for a closer-to-home alternative. With a little patience and care, you can grow capsicums in a planter box on your terrace.

Start with a pot of good seeding mix. Scratch the top of the soil with your finger, and then spread the seeds over the top of your container. Close up with a little more soil to get it fully covered. Give enough water to get the soil damp but not too wet.


Tomatoes don’t always require extensive spaces to grow. They can grow well even in hanging baskets, planter pots, window boxes and many other types of containers.

You can easily grow them in any sized container, almost throughout the year. Ensure the container is spacious enough to grow your tomato plant hassle-free.

You can begin with tomato seeds or starter plants and can add a cage to the outside of the container for added support as the tomato plant grows taller.


If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into home-grown vegetables, start off with these easy-to-grow vegetables that don’t require much space and are simple enough to grow from your terrace.

Let us know of any other vegetables you grew successfully in a small space in the comments section below. Till then. Happy Growing!

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