Top 3 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your Customer Case Studies

A well-written and engaging customer case study is a powerful tool for your business, transforming your product or service into a story.

And you must absolutely pursue to have it written at all costs.

top 3 ways

The role of a professional copywriter is critical in the process of writing an effective customer case study.

Once you have a solid customer case study written from a professional writer, placing them in spots where you will get myriads of benefits, is true intelligence.

And as the Marketing Director or owner of the company, it will be your decision to place the text strategically and be the Control King.


Here’s a list of ways you can apply these stories and yield favorable outcomes from just one piece of marketing copy.

#1 Putting them on the main pages of your business website

Your buyers are busy people, especially if you’re catering to the B2B market. In most cases, when they want to buy something, they simply search Google and find your site there.

If you have used basic SEO practices and effectively marketed your business in your meta description, they should be able to find your site, click on it and scour through it briefly.

Know that your customer success stories may be very dear to you, but if they’re not located in an approachable, easy-to-find spot on your website, they may be of little or no use to your business.

Having your customer case study pieces (or their links, clearly marked) on the front page, makes it easy for them to find it.

This would give these pieces a higher probability of converting by being clicked, opened, and read.


#2 Use them for multiple marketing channels

Case studies serve as a great collateral for sales.

While using an automation system for your marketing, include case studies into drip campaigns, sending to your prospects so they can visualize how your product will help them overcome a hurdle or achieve a certain goal.

Other channels where you can leverage your customer case studies:

  • As part of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Training material for new salespeople and  employees
  • Incorporating them in your lead-gen efforts
  • In print or e-newsletters
  • Having off-the-record conversations with prospects.

BONUS TIP: Among other ways to generate leads, slip a case study link into your email signature for easier accessibility and higher visibility.


#3 Create videos from your case studies

It’s no surprise that in this ever-evolving internet world, Video is King.

Your prospects are supposedly more inclined towards watching video content than read a lengthy case study. Therefore, take your marketing efforts a notch above the rest and create videos of your case studies to communicate your Unique Value Proposition.

If your budget allows, it’s always better (read safe) to hire a professional to make a video from customer case studies for your marketing campaign.

But creating a convincing video may be easier and more manageable than you think.


So, get ready, set and go for success. Implement these strategies and yield favorable results for your marketing efforts. What do you think of these strategies? Can you suggest any more you’ve had luck with? Would love to know in the comments below.

top 3 ways

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