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Want Copywriting That Converts?

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If you’re a marketer or owner of a B2B company you have something you need to sell and know how important it is to convert prospects to buyers.

But, not every company knows how to do that.

Let’s not be one of those “Clueless” companies!

The #1 rule to achieving your goal is to effectively communicate HOW your business improves your prospect’s business.

I can help with that!

I write online copy for B2B companies to help them generate more leads and close more sales.

Why I Can Help You…

… I write using my expertise and knowledge. My exposure to healthcare and educational marketing material helps me get your industry. So, you don’t have to hand-hold or explain what needs to be done and how.

How I Can Help You…

… by writing marketing copy tightly focused on generating more prospects and converting them into buyers. I craft compelling copy such as:

Website Pages – I build efficient website copy for an efficient business

Customer Case Studies – ‘Cause your customers’ stories are gold for your business

White Papers – Use this ‘hidden’ tactic to persuade your prospects

E-Books – Leverage these ‘Bait’ pieces to capture or boost lead generation

Content Marketing – Cut through the noise with relevant, high-quality B2B content

Let’s Talk and transform your business into a goldmine.


The Industries I Work With…

With my copywriting services in:

  • HEALTHCARE – I help hospitals, doctors, healthcare facilities, and companies in healthcare IT, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals, increase patient engagement and sales.
  • EDUCATION – My copy works cohesively with the marketing goals of educational organizations to reach more prospects (parents and students), boost awareness and enrollments.
  • TEXTILE – My knowledge of Thread Counts and Core-Spun Yarn helps me craft effective copy for bedding, towels, clothing, and furnishing fabrics businesses.
  • HOSPITALITY – I assist hotels and restaurant chains, booking software companies, and travel agencies, gain more bookings and soar their revenues.
  • PROCUREMENT & SHIPPING – I write marketing copy for shipping in the medical, construction, and print & packaging sectors, boosting their leads and sales.
  • BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES – I help contractors of wood, furniture, hardware, and home improvement projects, expand their brand reach and convert prospects to paying clients.


What Others Are Saying..

” Delivered perfect job. Great writing skills! “ 

Gui Sales

” Truly professional !!!! “     

Sanjay Suri

” I was pleasantly surprised working with her and would definitely recommend others to give her a shot.” 

Sanjay Rai – Plural Sight

“Hania is extremely professional and committed to solving her clients’ problems. Even after the project was finished and the amount paid, she came back to help me and even wrote the email series for me, proving her commitment to serve. She guided me with what I needed when I wasn’t clear about things. In terms … Continue reading Felix Tay – Badger Fitness

Felix Tay – Badger Fitness

” Perfectly written and very detailed. Fast and correct work. Great good!! ”

Scott Girardin – Alumni Productions

Your marketing team needs an extra hand?

I’m here!

Together, we can extend your brand reach across multiple verticals – web search, social media, and mobile.

… basically, make it a tad bit easier for you to do business.


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