Technology plays a pivotal role in our lives and its significance cannot be taken away. However, too much of anything is bad. Those seemingly harmless minutes spent in front of a screen may turn into lengthy hours, long before we even realize that this addiction has crept deep into our existence.

Fortunately, there a few alarming signs to watch out for and nip this nuisance in the bud which we may be very oblivious towards in the beginning. If not taken care of early on, this disease can take over the time we have saved for our family, friends and near and dear ones.

Therefore it is an absolute necessity to check ourselves for the following signs and work towards refraining from this addiction that has no end.


Feeling the need to use the internet for increased amount of time

Whereas technology must be used whenever there is a genuine need, finding excuses to get online or staying there longer than anticipated, are major signs that something is wrong somewhere.

Hence avoid the urge to check your phone or other devices and keep a constant check on yourself.


Undergoing restlessness or depression in a no-internet zone

Getting stuck in a place with zero internet access can be frustrating for all of us. In this day and age, we require internet for one thing or another.

But if being in a non-Wi-Fi area really pushing your buttons, consider checking yourself for an impending technology addiction. Seek help as soon as you experience this sign in your life.


Using the internet to escape problems of the real world

While a disagreement of a lighter kind may be healthy for communication in any relationship. An argument, however, isn’t. And it’s only natural to think of fleeing the situation.

The problem arises when you actually escape into the virtual world at the mere onset of a disagreement.

Leaving your spouse, kids, parents or friends alone in the middle of an argument to get lost in the artificial world of technology and mobile games or its likes is indeed the beginning of a serious impending disorder.


Sensing euphoria while “plugged in”

A mere glance at your mobile screen is giving you feeling of elation, confirms a much deeper problem than sheer entertainment.

If you’re feeling ecstasy while being hooked on to your tech device, then you need immediate attention, evaluation, and treatment.


Skimping on family, friends or even sleep

Nothing should come between you and your family, friends and most importantly a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Allowing family and sleep to take the back seat while your tech device drives the car of your life, calls for considering an approaching addiction.


If you experience any of these symptoms, there is a huge possibility that you have succumbed to the infection of technology.  Some of these signs may be easier to control on your own.

But if you have zero willpower or people around you tell you or you feel yourself that you’re feeling the need to browse your phone for longer, acting hysterical in a non-internet area, using technology to get away from reality, feeling ecstatic just looking at your I-pad or skipping family and sleep to watch T.V., then do not shy away from seeking professional help.

These are all clear signs that technology addiction has seeped its way into your life and it would only eat at you more and more until it is dealt with in a specialized manner.





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